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Fish Seed

Being the number 1 fish hatchery in India, we have been engaged in the business of providing different species of Fish Seeds. They are used for fish farming practices and are greatly admired for being completely disease-free in nature. We have the biggest fish hatchery in India where artificial breeding is done under controlled conditions so as to produce healthy species. These fertilized fish eggs can be used in any four stages including hatchling, spawn, fry, & fingerling. Our fish hatchery produces Chital Fish Seed, Singhi Fish Seed, and Pabda Fish Seed. They assure excellent survival rate with healthy growth and will definitely reap a handsome profit.
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Chital Fish Seed

Price: 18.00 INR/Piece

Chital fish is a carnivorous fish. They are generally a fish eater of freshwater. They live in clean water of river, swamp etc. Chital fish is available in all asian countries. Chitals are also very popular to the people of USA as a aquarium fish. They are also knows as some other name like chitol fish, chitala fish, chittal fish etc. Market demand of Chital is quite good and it is a state fish of Uttar Pradesh. Chital generally eats live fish seeds and it can grow upto 3kg to 4kg in a year if sufficient quantities of feeding will be available. Anand Krishi Khamar supplies chital fish seed in 3 inch to 4 inch size because small fish seed will not have good survival record.

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Gulsha Tangra Fish Seed

Price: 2.00 INR/Piece

Gulsha Tangra has good market rate.

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Singhi Fish Seed

Price: 2.25 INR/Piece

Singhi fish is a commercially important fish species and it is successful in earthen pond, RAS and Biofloc.

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Roopchand Fish Seed

Price: 0.80 INR/Piece

Rupchanda fish grows first and it has good market demand. It is also know as Red ballied paku

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Scampi Seed

Price: 1.50 INR/Piece

Scampi fish seed is also known as gaint freshwater prawn. Its market demand is very good.

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Pangasius Fish Seed

Price: 2.25 INR/Piece

Pangash fish has good market demand.

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Desi Magur Fish Seed

Price: 3.25 INR/Piece

Deshi magur has good market demand.

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Big Pangasius Fish Seed

Price: 2.50 INR/Piece

Stunted pangash is very good for farming as its growth is very fast

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Vietnam Koi Fish Seed

Price: 1.20 INR/Piece

Vietnam koi grows very fast and it has good market rate.

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Red Tilapia Fish Seed

Price: 2.00 INR/Piece

Red Tilapia has some demand in India. Its rate is mainly at Southern part of India.

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Eel Fish Seed

Price: 5.50 INR

Eel fish seed has a good demand in market

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Jayanti Rohu Fish Seed

Price: 0.80 INR/Piece

Jayanti rohu is updated variety of Rohu and its growth is more than normal rohu fish.

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Monosex Tilapia Fish Seed

Price: 1.00 INR/Piece

Monosex tilapia has good demand.

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Amur Common Carp Fish Seed

Price: 0.80 INR/Piece

Amur Common carp has good growth.

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Pabda Fish Seed

Price: 2.75 INR/Piece

Pabda fish has good market demand

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Nona Tangra Fish Seed

Price: 1.20 INR/Piece

Nona Tangra farming is possible in fresh water and brakishwater both. It grows upto 70/80 grams and its market rate is good

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Fish Seed

Price: 4.00 - 5.00 INR/Piece
  • Delivery Time:2 Days
  • Supply Ability:500000 Per Day
  • Use:As per requirements
  • Shape:As per requirements
  • Material:As per requirements
  • Size:As per requirements

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